Tuesday, June 26, 2007

measuring procrastination in metres, as god intended

Today's soundtrack:
Back to Black by Amy Winehouse

Admittedly, the knitting is getting out of control. First, it was the odd trip to Michaels for yarn. But then the yarn at Michaels wasn't nice enough. Enter the Wool Emporium. But then they moved beyond easy cycling distance. I was beside myself. Where, oh where will I get my next yarn fix from?

Ahh... Ram Wools... the best (and probably only) thing that I know out of Winnipeg. Just look what came in the mail for me today:

I'm going to make the fingerless gloves from the Weekend Knitting book I picked up a few weeks ago. The wool is pretty soft. Miguelito and I were rubbing it against our faces for the scratchiness test. It passed.

Of course, the fact that the Mission Falls wool was on sale justified my splurge on Fleece Artist:

Oh how fancy! The wool isn't even in a skein like the others in my stash (which is now overwhelming my large knitting basket). And hand-dyed! The only redeeming feature of this indulgence is that the company is based out of Nova Scotia. Once I fully master the double-pointed needles, I'll be making a lovely pair of Saskatoon-winter worthy legwarmers. Yeah 1980s!

All that being said, I am still working on my 72" square afghan for our bed. I'm about halfway done, but at this rate, it'll take me until the winter before all the panels are sewn together. But now the wool I'm using seems somewhat boring and plain. Sigh. It must be finished. My growing OCD demands it. As for now, it remains in an ever-moving pile of panels.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

and now back to your regular scheduled programming

Today's soundtrack:
The Joshua Tree by U2

Just a quick note that the other half of the Edwardian Sisterhood (est. 2003 in Florence, Italy at a hatstand) now has a blog!

I should update. I know. Something about horchatas in Valencia. My facebook page is up-to-date, but the blog suffers. Not for much longer, though. I have to write the other half of my Sterne paper, then back to business (re: procrastination) as usual.

Of course, the whole lack of updating could really just be a symptom of my quasi-hibernation which seems to have re-erupted in time for summer. My avoidance of people in the real world has translated into avoidance of people in the internet world.

But back to Arrested Development.