Thursday, August 30, 2007

embracing my inner grace kelly

Today's soundtrack:
"Grace Kelly" by MIKA
"I Don't Feel Like Dancing" by Scissor Sisters

Yes, I have been hopelessly remiss in my blogging duties, but I have it on good authority that all of you have been much too busy with exciting lives of your own to really be concerned. Brief summer summary: spent two months in Nanaimo, went to my sister's wedding, and furthered my deck-slugging studies at the University of Sproat Lake. That about sums it up. As you can see, it was an action-packed summer without a moment of spare time.

While in Nanaimo, I came across this ever-so-retro-but-new bike (and then proceeded to ride it around the store) and decided I would take it as a sign if the same bike was still available at the Sport Chek in Saskatoon. And voila! My new bike. It only has one speed, which I began to worry about as I started to ride up the Broadway Bridge. And although I was sucking air by the time I hit Broadway, I still made it (with a headwind, I'll have you know). I really think that a baguette hanging out of the basket would complete the look, so I'll be making a pilgrimage to Bulk Cheese tomorrow (mmm... manchego...). I figure the cardio workout I'll get riding the bike offsets all fat/calories (aka "the good stuff") that I'll get from all the chesse (mmm... manchego...). Besides, can't you just imagine Grace Kelly pedalling around New Haven on this bike (although, maybe not with a baguette)?