Sunday, December 23, 2007

news from the rock.

Today's soundtrack:
Goldeneye, Die Hard and Die Hard 2, because nothing says Christmas like seeing people get blown up.

Things of recent note:

1) The lace scarf project is an abject failure, but I maintain it wasn't my fault. Well, not entirely my fault. I messed up a row, started to frog it, and then realised that the little mohairs had rapped themselves around other little mohairs, creating little mohair balls of destruction. After I pulled so hard the yarn snapped in half, I dumped the remaining six inches of lovely lacework in the garbage. So much for that.

2) But onto newer and better things, or at least bigger. The Laura and Craig Afghan (version 2.0) is in the works. I've taken a cue from Alison the Knitsmith and am making a giant mitered square afghan. Each square (of the 9 I'm making) is about two feet square, so it should make for a decent replacement of the trapezoidal monstrosity that is currently gracing the papasan chair. I'm on Square No. 2 at the moment and, after buying more wool today (apparently I'm a wool optimist - I always think I have enough for a project, but that's rarely the case), I should be finished 1/3 of the afghan before I get back to Saskatoon.

3) It snowed last night. This is no scoffing matter, you Saskatchistanis! There was at least 3 or 4 inches out there first thing in the morning. Of course, by noon it had turned to slush and, by evening, ice, which gives the last minute driving to the shopping mall to buy yet another gift that extra kick of adrenaline. Hopefully La Niña drops some more snow on for Christmas. I would like a Rockwell Christmas for a change.

4) Miguel is in Spain where he is teaching the locals that life doesn't have to end when it's -7ºC outside. Perhaps if I blog-guilt him, he'll provide a much needed update. Prod, prod, prod. Also, after having a long conversation with the Spaniard at Starbucks this afternoon, I've come to the conclusion that only 3 people in this city speak Spanish and I know all of them. Therefore, I can swear like a caminero all I want. Woot!

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Today's soundtrack:
"As I Rise" by the Decemberists

So how excited was I to come home to a parcel from kitknit? Not only did the wonderful Kathrene send my wool (which is all kinds of lovely), but she also sent along two magazines and sample wool wash. Apparently, she seems to think my order was somehow delayed, and while there was some glitchiness with the site, it was the fault of the credit card company. In sum, kitknit seems to be very gungho to reverse the stereotype that all lys are full of nasty women with many cats.

Now seems as good a time as any to fill you all in on the upcoming knitting projects.

1) The Branched Out scarf from Aunt Jude had two skeins of M+K mohair that she didn't want to use, so I've inherited them. Plus, it's an excuse to learn how to make lace. Oh, just saying that makes me feel all Jane Austen-y.

2) A Ravenclaw scarf from Charmed Knits. I'm going to use near the same pattern, minus the colour changes, for Miguel's Real Prairie Winter Scarf (out of Garnstudio Eskimo).

3) Ravenclaw mittens from Charmed Knits as well. I'm going to add a dummy string onto it, but I have to learn how to crochet first.

4) Currently, I'm working on top secret Christmas projects. Until after the holidays, this is all you get:

I'm still way below the yearly average costs for a knitter (they spend around $500, apparently. I do not, mainly because I like to eat), so I feel completely guilt-free about the stash... even if it is beginning to overflow the basket that was originally bought to house the afghan Nana made me.