Saturday, March 14, 2009

in which i agree with karl pilkington

Today's soundtrack:
"15 Step" by Radiohead

The other day I decided to find out what all this Twitter buzz was about. When it first came on the scene, I saw it as nothing more than solipsistic self-indulgence, spewing 140 characters into cyberspace because everyone in the world is entitled to know exactly what you thought of the latest Survivor challenge or the dog shit in your backyard. This theory has now been confirmed.

Admittedly, I only spent a few days on Twitter. During those few days, I was repeatedly spammed by the anti-Obama brigade (do you know the truth about Obama?) and friended by various creepy personas. After updating post-Stewart/Cramer smackdown, I was instantly added by someone else who had also updated about it. Well that's just a little too much in my personal space for me.

More and more, the internets seem to a be a place where those who feel the real world just doesn't understand their brilliant insights to spew their self-congratulatory praise. Lookit me! Lookit how clever I am! I don't have to write that I love something, I just put a 3 and a bracket together! See? <3 I'm brilliant! Oh, and Paris Hilton is a whore. Well thanks for the insight there, Sparky. Next!

Twitter seems to be the most annoying of these developments. 140 characters that reveal nothing but soundbits (if that), directed at no one in particular. A group of people talking at each other. Just what the doctor ordered.

In the words of Karl Pilkington, it's just not worth it.