Saturday, February 26, 2011

"just love great lakes"

Today's soundtrack:
"Changes" by Stars
"My Friends Are All Assholes" by Male Nurse
"Great Lakes" by Harlan Pepper

It's only a few more weeks now and Miguel and I will be packing up our few possessions, catching a plane, and setting up house in St. Andrews, Scotland. Or not. It's completely possible that we'll be living under a bridge in St. Andrews. Just one of the many loose ends that have yet to be tied up. Although, it's not like I haven't been busy preparing for the move. I've been very busy, just not with anything that is on our never-ending list of things that must be done so we can move. Instead, I've been occupied with what I refer to as my Scottish Preparedness Kit.

Item #1: Mini-eggs. Oh yes, mini-eggs. They come in a near kilogram resealable bag, you know. Although, for the life of me I don't know why the bag is resealable. I've convinced myself that mini-eggs don't exist in Scotland and, therefore, I must eat as many as humanly possible during this Easter season.

Item #2: A hap blanket. Thick, woolly, and traditionally Scottish, I started knitting this wee blanket after we decided to move to Scotland. I theorized that by knitting a hap blanket that I would acclimatize to Scotland all the faster. I think it's working. Did you notice my use of the term "wee"?

Item #3: CBC Radio 3. Specifically, my brand-spanking new CBC Radio 3 toque (complete with pom-pom) which will assert both my Canadianness and my Indie-cred to all and sundry. Of course, my Doctor Who scarf will cancel out any toque-acquired Indie-cred with its overbearing geekiness.

Item #4: Doctor Who. I'm becoming more and more conversant in the most British and popular sci-fi television programme. While it's very helpful to know what the Fourth and Bountiful Human Empire will be like, Doctor Who is a little less helpful on life in 21st century East Scotland.

Item #5: Burnistoun. A Scottish sketch comedy show, this programme would be undeniably helpful in understanding life in 21st century Scotland if only I could understand what they were saying.

So clearly I'm ready for the move. We still have to organize the movers, the flights, where we're going to live and what we're going to take, and the hundreds of little things that are on our never-ending list... but other than that I'm completely ready.

Unless, of course, I've forgotten something. Is anything missing from my Scottish Preparedness Kit, gentle reader?